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so you can keep up with our promotions or alerts of our products. With unconditional philosophy of customer service, we add efforts and add value to the success of the business of our business partners, achieving in this process, generating direct and indirect jobs in Mexico, contributing to the development of the country and the livelihood of many families. The name Fioranno is inspired by a small town in northern Italy, called Fiorano-Modenese, in the region, Emilia-Romagna characterized by its geographical beauty and by its shoemakers who for generations have produced the famous footwear "Made in Italy". Our icon, made up of two interlaced rings, symbolizes the continuous evolution of our company, as well as the commitment in each of our operations with our business partners and with our people.


“Fioranno is the preferred brand by Isabel footwear and fashion when it comes. It is a lively and distinguished girl, who maintains the perfect balance between good taste and comfort. Where you are always see radiant and fresh, whether in the classroom, office, or some social event, she is the one who steals the looks “.


Consolidate Brand FIORANNO in Creating National Market and Ente Through the professionalism and commitment of all our employees and suppliers. Professionalize each run out of our people, using tools Quality and Continuous Improvement at all levels.


Generate satisfaction, chic and comfort in every product created and marketed by FIORANNO. Be generating jobs and income for many families, through development and personal growth of our employees. Ensure the stability of the company through optimization of resources and long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners.



We are decent, act with rectitude and honesty.


We recognize the value of each person.


We are effective at all.


We are convinced that we can.


We are a team.


We accept our responsibility.


We accept our responsibility.


We are meeting our goals.